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Heartland, ManorCare and Arden Courts are now part of the ProMedica family of services. The skilled nursing & rehabilitation, memory care, home health and hospice services you know us for are now part of an integrated health and well-being organization that includes hospitals, doctors and health insurance plans as well.

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ProMedica Senior Care

Transforming Health Care for Seniors

Our Bold Vision.

ProMedica has successfully expanded from our Toledo, Ohio, roots to serve as one of the nation’s top health and well-being organizations. Our 2018 acquisition of HCR ManorCare, now ProMedica Senior Care, positioned us as the nation’s first health system to have coast-to-coast resources that cover nearly every aspect of health care.

At our core, we are a not-for-profit, mission based organization working to create a stronger, more cohesive approach to delivering care at the right place, right time, and the right cost.

We have charted a new course of care for the nation’s aging population. Understanding that integration of care throughout a person’s life leads to safer, stronger, better care for the entire family. Through partnerships and innovation, our vision is to change where and how health care is delivered.


Championing Healthy Aging

To meet the demands of an aging population that is expected to double over the next 20 years, health care must position itself to coordinate care across multiple health delivery channels. The ProMedica Healthy Aging Institute leverages the unique strengths and capabilities of ProMedica and ProMedica Senior Care to help redefine healthy aging, provide a best-in class experience to the nation’s growing senior population, and drive positive reform. The institute’s structure is grounded in innovation and research, education and training, and advocacy.

Healthy Aging Institute

  • Re-imagine health care by leveraging our skills and expertise to develop an integrated approach to senior health and wellness.
  • Cultivate partnerships that improve connectivity and access to resources in support of healthy aging.
  • Expand research efforts in geriatric medicine and in understanding the role of community in the aging process.
  • Increase healthcare industry advocacy and support for healthy aging.

Beyond Our Walls

A National Leader in Addressing Social Determinants of Health

When most people think of health care, they tend to think of clinical and medical care. Yet this only accounts for 20% of a person’s health and well-being. The other 80% includes the social determinants of health (SDOH)—the physical environment, social/economic factors and health behaviors that impact health.

For more than 10 years. ProMedica has been a pioneer in this effort and has become an industry leader in SDOH thought, innovation and action. We see an unprecedented opportunity to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by focusing on social determinants. That’s why we’re committed to an all-in strategy to create strong partnerships with healthcare providers, payors, nonprofits, businesses, civic leaders, and the people we serve in order to research, test, shape and invest in innovative people-centered solutions that improve health outcomes locally and nationally.


Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Research and education opportunities align with our efforts in healthy aging and social determinants of health. By fostering relationships and partnering with educational institutions ProMedica is working to prepare our next generation of healthcare workers. We plan to evaluate and implement new clinical programs and research opportunities to continue to build our momentum toward our transformation into an academic healthcare delivery system.



Caring for the Community

Our primary mission is to provide our patients and residents with the best care possible. We feel that care should extend into the community as well. As a not-for-profit healthcare provider, philanthropy allows us to focus on those needs through initiatives we could not otherwise do.

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